Thursday, April 3, 2008 candy coming!

I can't believe that I have nearly had 2000 visitors to my blog. I haven't had my blog very long and the counter came after its creation so I am truly amazed. There are so many of you who inspire me on your blogs so I hope that I am able to inspire or encourage you too.

Anyway, as a way of celebrating I thought I might have to dig up some blog candy to celebrate this milestone. What do you think?

So keep your eyes peeled and pop back soon to join in the fun! Have a great day!

4 thoughts:

Lorraine said...

lovely to meet you. I am enjoying browsing through your blog. great job on all the visits in such a short time. keep up the creative work!

Kisa Peters said...

Well Congrats on 2000! I just hit 1000 yesterday! Be sure to check my blog for some candy too!

ScrappinGalz said...

Congratulations on hitting 2000! Isn't it fun to watch the numbers go up? I'll keep checking back!

Mary Dawn said...

ooh ooh ooh, blawg candeee