Monday, January 28, 2008

Another day, another card

Wow! This year is already starting to move so quickly. I can't believe we are at the end of January already. With time 'flying', I sat down the other night to make a list of cards that I anticipate I will need over the next two months in a bid to be organised prior to moving house. Let's just say, I really need to set aside some time to get through it all. LOL!
Anyway, one of the cards on my list is to a wonderful family friend. I can't believe how nervous I was making it. One of the reasons is she is SUPER creative (she actually made my wedding dress for me). So last night this is what I came up with for her. As all creative plans go, my intial ideas were revisited and I decided on "less being more". As a result, I am pretty pleased with the simple elegance of the card. I will definitely be revisiting this colour scheme again.

Stamp set used: Mixed bouquet

5 thoughts:

Susan said...

I do like this card - isn't that stamp set versatile too? It looks lovely, Nardi. I am sure your friend loved it!

I can sympathise with you over the house moving. We have ours on the market atm and I cannpt really bring out my craft stuff as I am so wont to do....ah well. This, too, shall pass! Will be thinking of you as you shift as well :-)

Godelieve said...

Oh, this is simply gorgeous!!

Tania said...

Beautiful card! Your friens will be happy.

Amy said...

I love the colours on this one Nardi its so pretty!

CAKVD said...

Love that stamp set! The card turned out great!
Cheryl KVD