Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reason to Smile

My hubby and I got to take the kids away for a 3 week holiday which was great. It was so nice to have some time away and to relax. We also got to catch up with family and friends which we were very thankful for and gave us many 'reasons to smile'.

Another reason to smile is a belated birthday present I received recently. It is the SU 'Reason to Smile' set [thanks Bron] and I was eager to play with it upon our return home. (Contact me if you'd like to find out how you can get this set for free.) The cards posted are made using this set and won't be the last of ones made with it as I have many ideas still floating around. [Usually late at night - jsut ask my dh!!?? ;o) ]

Thanks for stopping by - leave me a comment so that I can tell if I am not just talking to myself!? LOL!

3 thoughts:

Chrissie said...

Love the cards Nardi. I actually went and got a counter for my blog so that I knew that I wasn't the only person looking at my blog. LOL.

CraftyNess said...

Beautiful cards.

I have also tagged you!! I don't know if you have already been tagged. If not, here are the rules:
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Have fun

Lizette said...

I love this stamp ! I use it all the time.
Great card. Beautiful.